Pictures of the World Largest Spiders and The Things they Do will Surprise you!

Even the smallest of spider, can make an adult Woman scream out her lungs, not to mention, the world biggest and largest spiders. Today on Dailyplanet, i will be sharing with you, Pictures of the World Largest Spiders and some interesting facts you need to know.

Not to prolong matters, i will be diving straight to the point of the article.

largest Spider in the world

World Largest Spiders

The spider that took the first position of the biggest spider in the world is the tarantula. The size of a Tarantula ranges from as small as a fingernail to as large as a dinner plate when its legs are thoroughly extended.

However, there are several different species of the Tarantula, and the body length of a tarantula ranges from 2.5 to 10 centimeters with a leg span of 8–30 centimeters.

The Leg span which is 8 centimeters for the smallest, and grows to 30 centimeters for the biggest species of the Tarantula. The leg span is measured from the tip of the back leg to the tip of the front leg on the opposing side. A few of the largest species of a tarantula may weigh over 85 grams, and you know what that means, right?

According to zoologists, the most significant of all spiders, is the Goliath birdeater, originated from Brazil and Venezuela, and these species has been reported to attain a weight of 150 grams and a leg span of up to 30 centimeters, males being longer and females greater in girth.

Biggest and largest Spider

The Goliath spider, named after the Biblical story of the Giant Goliath killed by King David, you’ll probably know that this spider is huge! The Goliath birdeater tarantula is named as the bird-eating spider.

These spiders were first called “birdeaters” during the eighteenth century, by an anonymous French biologist who watched this spider eating a bird.

However, just like practically everything else, Modern day science have discovered and concluded that the term “Birdeater” is incorrect, since these tarantula spiders do not only feed on birds. Goliath birdeater spiders typically live in deep holes in marshy and swampy zones.

These spiders can be seen and discovered in the tropical forest regions of the following countries, such as:

South America,
Northern Brazil,
Southwest Venezuela,

The Tarantula Spiders are also known as a night species.

Another reason why you need to fear the Goliath Spiders is that they are more massive than the Huntsman spider, mainly because it has a heavier body mass. The defend system of these spiders is shooting it’s tiny hair on the it’s body at whatever or whoever, that is threatening it.

Although the ONLY good news is that its bite is not deadly to humans, but if you get bit by one, expect to experience severe nausea, pain, and profuse sweating. But if seen by anyone with Phobia for spiders, i can’t but think the above symptoms might be preferred.

The natural habitat of the Birdeater spider is in the rainforests of South America, but it can be found as pets around the world. The spider rubs its legs together to make a frightening hissing noise, which can be heard up to 15 feet away.

The female tarantula can live up to twenty-five years, while male spiders usually die soon after adulthood and have a lifespan of 1.5 to 7 years.

These Tarantula Spiders are differentiated by colors. They do have different colors, ranging from dark to bright chocolate with pale marks on the legs. While their body, abdomen and legs are usually covered by hair. Tarantulas hunt prey primarily on trees, but some hunt near or on the ground. All tarantulas spider species can produce silk.

Whenever they want to produce silk, they will line their burrows with silk to climb up and down and stabilize the burrow wall. The Tarantula spiders usually feed on insects and other arthropods. Their main hunting method is ambush for capturing their preys.

But for the biggest and the largest tarantulas, they usually go for bigger things, as they have been documented to kill animals as large as mice, lizards, birds and small snakes.

There are several numbers of Tarantula species, which can be found in most of the world’s subtropical, tropical and arid regions. The Tarantula Spiders vary in behavior, which is usually caused by environments.

The Tarantulas spiders are burrowers that live in the ground.


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