Pictures Of World Largest Animals You Can Expect to Come Across

1. Whale

Gray whale

The Biggest, Largest and Longest Animal ever recorded is the Blue whale. Taking the first position of the world largest animal is the whale. It has been mentioned in the Old Testament and has a huge role to play in the Inuit creation myth.

Most scariest about these amazing animal is their weight. Approved Document by zoologist have shown that the largest whale weighs around 202 tons.

There are stories of excited persons over the centuries who have been on the hunt for this animal from the end of the seventeenth century, which was going on in full swing till the 1985.

The big hunt for Whale is the major reason why the population of this animal has drastically decreased and it was on the verge of extinction when an intervention was staged in this regard at the right time by world powers.

Due to the intervention of government and countries round the world, where as, in some countries, killing of whales is punishable by Many years in Prison and probably, death. SO as a result of this intervention, whales are no longer listed as “endangered species”.

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