5 Foods You Should Avoid! if You Want a Six Pack

1. Refined grains

DO you know what refined grains is? If you are not sure what a refined grain is, then give me a few seconds to explain it to you.

A Refined grain is an ingredient, which is discovered and found in foods like the:

White rice,
White bread,
Regular white pasta.

Since it is advisable to avoid eating the refined grains, you should probably know this too. That the unrefined stuff (whole wheat, brown rice and quinoa) is always healthier and advisable to eat from.

A group of highly respected Pennsylvania State University researchers, shockingly discovered that people who ate whole grains, in addition to keeping a healthy diet—of fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy and protein, DO lost more weight from the abdominal area, when compared with the group of people who kept the same healthy diet but ate all refined grains.

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