5 Foods You Should Avoid! if You Want a Six Pack

THE major reason for writing this article, is to help you get that six Pack you always want. However, there is something we need to be crystal clear about, and that is Getting six pack isn’t something that happens within 24 hours! You need to work on it and know the foods to avoid.

You can be running on the treadmill everyday and still have a tummy that looks like you are carrying a spare tire. And this all comes down to the types of foods you eat. You want to see results and get six packs or a flat tummy? Then you should be prepared to do this.

Do you look like someone with spare tire round his/her belly? Then you should know this, “You’re not alone:”

Confirmed studies have shown that Fifty-four (54) percent of U.S. adults now have abdominal obesity, a sharp rise from 46% in the year 2000. This report was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. If you fall into that category (you should probably know, that the male abs are considered fat if the waistline measures more than 40 inches), it’s time to consider cutting down your consumption of these five foods which are mentioned below:

Six Pack

5 Foods You Should Not Eat, IF You Want 6 Packs

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